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Traditional Florida Real Estate Agents

Florida real estate agents operate as either a "Single Agent" or a "Transaction Broker." By law, every Florida real estate agent is required to disclose, in writing, their relationship to you. For buyers, most Florida real estate agents start out as a "Single Agent" working on your behalf. However, if they show you a home that has been listed under their broker (i.e. a Coldwell Banker agent shows you a Coldwell Banker listing), then they must legally advise you that they now represent "the transaction" rather than you and your interests.


Here is an illustrative story from Buyer Agent Nancy Nallin: 

"My sisters live in Pennsylvania, and several years ago, they were considering purchasing a two-unit home in their neighborhood as an investment. I encouraged them to consider looking for an BA in their area, but they had already called the number on the sign in the yard, and were working with the listing agent. I told them, 'You're working with an agent who is obligated to sell that home for the highest possible price!'

When my sisters told the listing agent that they were considering getting their own representation, the agent stated that in order to ease their concerns, another agent in the office would represent them. Little did they realize that this arrangement was 'not good enough' to protect their best interests! They made an offer, but confided to their agent that the highest they could go is up to xx. Can you guess how much they paid for their purchase?"


Sign Here Please

Many home buyers don't fully understand the implications when their real estate agent has them sign a disclosure that they're your "Single Agent," and then, when they are showing you their office's listings, they have you sign a disclosure that acknowledges that they are now your "Transaction Agent." Most buyers will simply sign to get the "legalese" out of the way without understanding that by switching from a "Single Agent" to a "Transaction Agent," your real estate agent may no longer be representing your best interests in your home buying process.


Buyers Benefit from Buyer Agents 

The best way to ensure that you are receiving the very best representation when buying Florida real estate is to enlist the free and professional assistance of a Florida Real Estate Agent who is an Buyer Agent. Buyer Agents never represent sellers or transactions. They have full allegiance to you, working to get you the best property at the best price in Florida. As a home buyer or real estate investor, you deserve to be in the "driver's seat," choosing an Buyer Agent whose loyalty is 100% to you 100% of the time. Buyer Agents protect you from conflicts of interest and more when buying real estate in Florida.

Our clients frequently express their pleasant surprise at the negotiation details they did not even consider or expect to work in their favor. This is part of the Buyer Agent Advantage. We are always looking out for you, the buyer. As more home buyers and investors experience the benefits of working with buyer agents, the better the transparency in real estate transactions in Florida. The traditional real estate agency was set up to protect the interests of home sellers, not buyers, but Buyer Agents are changing the way things are done, and improving the home buying experience for buyers.



Which "Buyer Agent" should you choose?

Not all "buyer agents" are "buyer agents." If a real estate agent works for an office that accepts listings from sellers, this agent is a dual agent. A true buyers agent (or buyers agent) comes from a buyer agency or brokerage only.

When you work with an Buyer Agent at True Real Estate, you can be assured that you are getting the very best buyer representation with full service and full attention to your needs and interests in the home buying process in Florida. Contact us today to discover the incredible benefits of using an Buyer Agent when purchasing Florida real estate.


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You want your Florida Real Estate Agent to be an Buyer Agent when buying real estate in Sarasota County, Florida. Read what experts say about Buyer Agents.


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